Our Policy

Our Policy

Have you been shopping on our site or have you come here to see what will happen to your information when you shop with us? We are a sex toy online store. That’s a fact, and we need to study your behavior on this website so that we know what you need and can customize your experience the next time you visit this online store.

There are three major parts to our usage policy

i. Data collection

ii. Data analysis

iii. Usage of user information

With data collection we are very clear – if you need to have that ideal online experience, then we need to work out which products you are looking closely at and which products you are ignoring – this way we can make sure that you are only shown the products you could be interested in.

Product Policy

There are no exchanges on sex toys – except for shipping damage. We have entertained far too many requests and this is, unfortunately, not negotiable. When you buy a sex toy, you are buying something that you will use in the most intimate parts of your body – expecting us to exchanged a “tried” product is not fair to us in the least.

With regards to shipping damage – although this is highly unlikely, it can sometimes happen that you receive a product that is broken or bent during transit, in order for us to ensure this, we encourage all our customers to open the package at the time of delivery so that they can check it out. Our delivery person won’t hover, but, we will take it back on the trust that you haven’t tampered with it.

We are trying to make the world a happier place where everyone has worked out how to take care of their needs in a healthy and personal way. Go ahead and buy what you need to, we will make sure you aren’t disappointed.